Blackmail Received

Details :

    Yesterday I received the first feedback from this site in my email's inbox , surprisingly it was a blackmail , can you imagine how your feelings will be when you receive a blackmail as your first feedback from your newly opened website ?

    Anyway , the person who sent it was frustrated about something inside the site , and may from the whole site , so he decided to be a cyber terrorist and send this crap to me , pretending that he is a GOOD ONE , personally I don't know why he is so angry on my work ?

    Listen Blackmailer , you should know that I don't negotiate with any kind of terrorists , and besides that , if you really want to be A GOOD ONE , be a human being and have some courage to tell me what thing made angry in this site in order to react with you , that's all dude !

    Following next is the email I received from him through the Feedback page :

Email Address: Catck_Me_if_You_Can(at)hell.go
Name: The Knight of Night
Phone: 911
URL: None
Gender: Male
Age: im at alife from along time
Country: Other
Your Comments: if you want to make a good web site don't lie ok honey you take my web site info and make yours iam a not professional hacker But iam Good close this site or you will never use the net after 2007/april/1 it's a worning....!!!!


    My advice to you is so simple , drink tea , go fish and try to learn English in the next time rather than blackmailing people !!!


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NOTICE : The so called The Knight of Night , DECIPHER THIS :

11010010-11001001-11100010-11100010 11010100-11101000 11000001-11100010


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